Mondo Banana

Deep in the forests of Sumatra, a Finnish sea captain seeks an elusive banana. In a Kolkata kitchen, Bengali chefs prepare scrumptious banana stalk curries. As the sun ... [+]

Familia Zorro

Familia Zorro es un acercamiento al sentido de la vida, reflejado en tres obras pictóricas.
 Basado en los cuadros American Gothic, El Beso y La última ... [+]

I Dont Touch The Gold

Inside a dirty gold village where everybody who came there from all West Africa has got obsession about find the gold but Mama Sissoko don't care about it. She has got ... [+]

A Chicken In A Cathouse

A Chicken In A Cathouse is an animated mini-documentary that tells the story of a man who has been struggling with twenty five year old memories of abuse. This abuse, of ... [+]


Monterrey, México: An introspective in the time of the "Mexican Drug War" Una pequeña introspección a la ciudad de Monterrey y a un par de sus habitantes durante ... [+]

The River

The River is a silent movie animation mildly based on the myth of the Ancient Greek river Styx said to have formed a boundary between the world of the Living and the ... [+]