Dave and Sherry came of age in the 60s—they protested war, fought for the environment, fell in love during a hitchhiking trip across the country, and raised their ... [+]

Bright Flower and Stone Scars

Bright Flower is the matriarch of an indigenous family of Guarani-Kaiowá shamans living in the Reserve of Dourados, MS, Brazil. There, deprived of their original way of ... [+]

Under Age

A Janitor gets angry to a Jerk who is bullying him, and decides to poison the Jerk's dog. A poisoned meatball starts a series of unfortunate events.


Gary, a robotics engineer, has developed a domestic android named Mona. He brings the humanoid robot home to carry out some tests. How will Gary's wife Marie ... [+]

Away From Gaza

Nahla and Musleh thought they were safe in their home in Nuseirat until a phosphorous bomb consumed their eyes and darkness fell like an inescapable pall on their lives. ... [+]

The Future of Insurance

A satirical, global issue public service film about the nature of insurance policies in the near future. Director: Mohit Srivastava