Rent Rebels

Over the past few years Berlin has changed a lot. Unattractive flats are now secure investment objects. The transformation into owner-occupied flats and massive rent ... [+]


An abstract creation story. The aesthetic promise of abundance is countered by dissonance. Producer/Director: Jeremy Newman

El Desorden De Los Sentidos

El desorden de los sentidos nos embarca en un viaje de conocimiento que atraviesa nuestros cinco sentidos para mostrarnos la realidad del mundo de dos jóvenes ... [+]

The Waiting Point

The protagonist of the movie is the small, crowded Croatian bus terminal in Rijeka the living-room of a town on the threshold of changes. As the plans for building a ... [+]

Idea #1111

Uncanny and sometimes macabre, a consultant hands out ideas that could help others with their personal problems. At the end of the day he is confronted by a former ... [+]


Retrata la cotidianidad de seis albinos de diferentes edades y etapas de la vida, los cuales tienen mucho más en común que su visible condición.