Habitación Doble

Dos ancianos comparten una habitación de hospital. La ventana es la única conexión con el mundo exterior convirtiéndose en un recurso de alta demanda.

Plague Generation

A world that has become craven and savage infested with a plague killing generation after generation.

Qui a tué Cendrillon?

Coralie Bonnet, the young star who had triumphed on the screen 3 years ago in the role of Cinderella, died this morning in Burgundy during the shooting of episode 2. She ... [+]

Etiuda Geometryczna

A synthesis of abstract bodies.

Renewing Mikael

Mikael is fat and has six months to live. He decides to get in shape so he'll look good in the coffin.

The Turtle

The Turtle's pain is our pain. The Turtle, simply put, is life. (Experimental) Director: Matt Gibson