We The Free

A film about absolute youth. The pseudo-documentary style conveys a feeling of isolation in dusty rooms where youth dominates and human beings crash.

Memory Untitled

An unsettling recurring dream about a childhood friend. This experimental film remixes b/w reversal footage, archival photographs and text.


After guarding his anguish for a long time a deaf teenager faces his extreme fear of clowns. Worst of all, there's nothing funny about it. (Silent film)


"The supervisor of an archaic machine at a penal institution awaits the arrival of a foreign reporter. But is there another reason that the New Administration has ... [+]

The Human Horses

Ibrahim, Ram & Raju, three rickshaw pullers in Kolkata. “Human Horses” in a city held together by agony. By Rosario Simanella and Marco Landini

Aladdin & The Magic Bin

Every morning for 20 years Aladdin sweeps his city's streets. With his magic broom and a bin he sweeps and sweeps and never feels tired. By Zikica Jovanovic