Socks And Duchess

A French girl loses all her stuff and money; takes shelter in a stranger’s house and falls in love with him.

'Til Death Do Us Part

Jusqu'à ce que la mort nous sépare. A door-to-door traveling salesman meets a battered wife. Against her wish he decides to help her, as it turns out, ... [+]

Two Days And a Half

During these two and a half days every father and son minute is sublime, secret, perfect… until it is time to separate.

Lágrimas de Um Palhaço

Curta de animação portuguesa, Claúdio Sá tem 21 anos e já realizou três curtas-metragens.

X & Y

Rain or Shine, two friends create a how-to -learn-directing manual, X directs, Y acts. By Joao Costa

La Hormiga Roja

Un superhéroe de 70 años emerge desde la periferia del cordón suburbano, luchando contra la injusticia, la corrupción y el abandono institucional.