I Dont Touch The Gold

Inside a dirty gold village where everybody who came there from all West Africa has got obsession about find the gold but Mama Sissoko don't care about it. She has got obsession about killing the microbe. She cleans the village and she is disgusting about people who came there to search gold, and she doesn’t accept the rules of life dominated by gold and she fights with it. To found the gold is like hazard, you never know where is gold... During one times children who was around Mama, they were playing in the river and spontaneous they found the gold. The project is shooting in go pro 3 black sometimes the camera is attached to the miners, sometimes to children working in Diura and some moment the shooting are made by Mama Sissoko inside the burdel, a private place.

Director - Paulina Pisarek
Cinematographer - Anna Rzepka, Paulina Pisarek
Editor - Caroline Detournay
Production - DreamOn, FilmFiction, La Central électrique